Hair Loss Women: How To Deal With Hair Loss And Regrow Your Confidence

Nov 16, 2022
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hair loss women
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Are you curious about how you can make your hair denser? If you have been searching for hair fall solutions, and ways in which you can increase your hair growth, you have reached the right place. This blog tells you all about hair care – how you can regrow your hair naturally, the underlying reasons behind hair loss and hair thinning, and the best supplement in the hair care space that can help you tackle hair-related problems and accelerate hair growth.

Hair Loss Women: Ways to Regrow Hair Naturally

Let us look at ways in which you can tackle hair loss and regrow your confidence:

Scalp Massage:

A scalp massage is a simple strategy for hair fall treatment and regrowth. Scalp massage strengthens hair by increasing blood circulation while also providing a calming sensation. Furthermore, a scalp massage strengthens the roots of your hair. Warm coconut oil can be used to massage your hair since it nourishes your scalp and promotes hair development. Because coconut oil is high in essential vitamins and nutrients, it also acts as a natural conditioner.

Balanced Diet:

A healthy body requires sufficient nutrition, which can be obtained by incorporating a nutritious diet into your everyday routine. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet that has all of the necessary nutrients will encourage hair development. Spinach, berries, avocados, sweet potatoes, nuts, and soybeans are some foods that are high in essential vitamins and minerals and should be part of your daily diet.

Zinc-Rich Diet:

One of the most prevalent symptoms of zinc deficiency is hair loss. Zinc is a mineral that is important for hair tissue repair, which aids in natural hair growth. It also keeps your hair follicles alive by activating the oil glands surrounding the follicles. Fruits and leafy green vegetables are some zinc-rich foods that can help you combat hair loss.

Iron-Rich Diet:

Iron is a mineral that helps your hair grow quicker and longer by transporting oxygen to the roots and improving blood circulation. Green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and lentils are some iron-rich foods you can consume to tackle hair loss or hair thinning.

Protein-Rich Diet:

Consuming legumes is one of the best ways to get your plant proteins! Legumes are rich in biotin, folic acid, and zinc, all of which are essential nutrients that strengthen hair follicles. 

Reduce Stress:

Stress-induced hair loss is referred to as telogen effluvium. Some of the causes of this type of hair loss include crash dieting, working too hard, persistent anxiety, and traumatic events. So, if you want to reduce stress-related hair loss, you can try meditation, Yoga, and supplements like Ashwagandha, which help in reducing stress and keeping you relaxed.

Hair Loss Women: Underlying Causes


While male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern hair loss, hereditary can be the underlying reason behind thinning hair! If the women in your family have androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, you may be more prone to hair loss. 


Prolonged use of medication can impart stress on hair follicles causing you to lose more hair.


Stress has become a recurring component in our daily lives. Unfortunately, if left untreated, stress can lead to a variety of health problems, including hair loss.


Childbirth can be physically and emotionally overwhelming for women. Due to hormonal shifts caused by pregnancy and childbirth, women may experience excessive hair shedding.

Lack Of Vitamin B Can Cause Hair Loss:

Eating disorders, such as anorexia, can also cause vitamin deficiencies and hair thinning. Deficiencies of zinc, amino acid L-lysine, B-6, and B-12, in particular, are thought to affect hair health.


Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen that can bind to receptors in female scalp follicles, causing the hair follicles to shrink and eventually fall out. DHT-induced hair loss in women is frequently caused by a hereditary sensitivity of the follicles to androgen.

Best Hair Care Supplement:

We are about to introduce you to a hair care supplement that targets the root causes of reduced hair growth & hair fall and helps you achieve voluminous hair growth. Plix’s Women Hair Care Daily Supplement is a blend of 24 hair essential nutrients that work synergistically to increase hair growth, control hair thinning, and reveal fuller scalp coverage. 

Women’s Daily hair Care Supplement is powered with the following ingredients


Bhringraj has natural restorative and healing capabilities and is a rich source of important nutrients such as Vitamin D and E, calcium, polypeptides, magnesium, and iron. It is also high in plant proteins, which makes it an effective herb for hair treatment. Bhringraj works wonders when it comes to treating and resolving hair care issues including premature greying and hair loss.


Resveratrol is a naturally occurring substance that is typically consumed through foods such as grapes or almonds. Resveratrol is classified as a flavonoid, a type of phytochemical that has been found to have numerous health benefits. Because hair loss issues are associated with age, using Resveratrol has the potential to delay the onset and slow down the progression of genetically determined hair loss.


Lycopene contains antioxidants, which aid in blocking DHTs. Lycopene serves an important role in improving blood circulation to the scalp and subsequently improving the growth of new hair follicles.


Amino acid L-cysteine is an important contributor to hair growth because it allows hair follicles to use calcium and build hair strands. L-cysteine is found in the cysteine amino acid, which our skin readily absorbs. It is a sulfur-rich compound that our hair follicles require to produce hair strands.

Women’s Daily Hair Care supplement’s powerful hair-essential nutrient blend works synergistically to treat the underlying causes of hair damage. Plix Hair Care minimizes hair fall with the help of resveratrol that improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicle growth. As lycopene fights follicle-shrinking DHT (dihydrotestosterone), you’ll notice less hair fall, better hair texture, and fuller hair. The keratin replenishment and antioxidant boost the formula offers make your hair denser in the most natural way. With continuous usage, your hair will be visibly fuller, thicker, and stronger, with better scalp coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the signs of hair loss?

Hair thinning, receding hairline, balding patches, and losing significant hair while combing are some of the signs of hair loss.

2. What are the underlying causes of hair loss?

Hereditary, vitamin B deficiency and stress are some of the underlying causes of hair loss.

3. What benefits can I expect from Plix Hair Care ?

You can expect visibly denser hair, improved hair texture thicker and stronger hair with reduced hair thinning.

4. What distinguishes Plix Hair Care from biotin or other hair supplements?

Plix Hair Care is powered by a combination of 24 hair essential nutrients that work together to address various root causes of hair loss such as stress, nutrition deficiency, poor lifestyle & metabolism, and help to improve overall hair health.

5. How does Plix Hair Care function?

Stress, UV exposure, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and other factors all contribute to poor hair health. The product contains potent ingredients that work together to help you deal with the effects of these causes and improve scalp coverage.

6. Can I use it if I don’t have hair fall? Can males use it as well?

Yes, you can use Plix Hair Care even if you don’t have hair loss. The product is intended to promote overall hair health. Because hair health is determined by genetics and biology, gender plays an important role. As a result, we have formulations for both men’s and women’s hair care. You can check out Men’s Daily Hair Care Supplement  from Plix which helps men tackle premature balding, and hair thinning promoting fuller scalp coverage.

7. What are the ingredients in Plix Hair Care? How should these supplements be taken?

Plix Hair Care is a combination of 24 essential hair nutrients such as Bhringraj, Resveratol, Lycopene, and L-Cysteine. You can consume 2 capsules after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner.


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