All Your Need To know About Gummies For Your Healthy Hair

Apr 07, 2022
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All Your Need To know About Gummies For Your Healthy Hair 1

We’ve all grown up longing for the lustrous hair shown to us in shampoo ads –  Voluminous, shiny and strong. However, hair fall, dry scalp and scanty hair issues are becoming increasingly common. What if we tell you that the answer doesn’t lie in the shampoo as the ads say, but by providing nutrition to your hair internally?

At Plix Life, we have created a deliciously effective supplement designed to provide you with the essential nutrients your hair needs to remain healthy and shiny.  Plix Life’s Healthier Hair Gummies for Gorgeous Hair are strawberry flavoured supplements formulated to improve hair texture, reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

How? Keep reading to find out.

The gummies by Plix Life are created using a host of ingredients to provide you with the right amount of nutrition for your hair. These ingredients keep your scalp and hair hydrated, which helps avoid any flaky skin, dandruff, and keeps the scalp supple and nourished. The ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin A

  • Keratin

  • Biotin

  • Folic Acid

How do these ingredients work for the hair?

  •  Vitamin C

 Did you know that Vitamin C boosts the collagen levels in our body? Collagen is an essential protein found in our bodies that supports healthy hair and skin. Vitamin C naturally boosts our body’s collagen levels which leads to better hair growth, the prevention of hair loss and the maintenance of hair health.  Vitamin C also reduces hair fall.

  •  Vitamin E

 Vitamin E is another collagen booster just like Vitamin C. Vitamin E is known to not only improve your hair quality but also to improve the skin. Collagen is necessary for healthy joints and for skin elasticity.

  • Vitamin A

 Vitamin A enhances hair health by improving follicle health, which in turn promotes hair growth and leads to thick healthy hair. It also improves the circulation of oxygen in your hair and scalp which make the hair appear to be healthier.

  • Keratin and Biotin

 Plix Life’s Hair Grow Gummies are fortified with Keratin and Biotin that promote shiny and strong hair. Keratin smoothens the hair, removes frizz and adds shine. Biotin is an essential B Vitamin which supports and nourishes our hair, skin and nails. It promotes hair growth. It is water soluble Vitamin, which means you can consume it daily. It prevents hair fall and strengthens the hair.

  • Folic Acid

 Enriched with folic acid, Plix Life’s Hair Grow Gummies strengthen the hair and prevent internal breakage.

Also Explore Plix Life’s Hair Care Tablets

We recommend consuming two gummies daily to bring you one step closer to the hair of your dreams. In the first month, you will notice your hair looking fresh and shiny. The hair will remain hydrated and the oiliness of the scalp will also be gone. By the third month, hair fall would have stopped or you will notice a very minimal loss of hair strands.  By the fourth month, you will notice baby hair, which means new and strong hair is growing. Keep at it and soon you will have Rapunzel-like hair.

Healthier hair strawberry

Plix Life’s Healthier Hair Gummies are all-natural and plant-based. There are no side effects to the hair gummies and they are exceptionally good for you. Also, they are safe and healthy for both men and women! So, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards healthy lustrous hair today with Plix Life’s Healthier Hair Gummies.


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