7 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking A Collagen Supplement

Sep 27, 2022
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8. Aug 22 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking A Collagen Supplement

Collagen And Its Many Benefits

Since collagen is found naturally in protein, your body occasionally produces it over time. What’s collagen good for? As collagen is a protein, it plays a major role in many body processes, such as the development of muscles, the maintenance of bones and joints, and the condition of the skin. It’s important to remember that collagen production decreases with age and under specific circumstances.

It’s been demonstrated that taking collagen is good for one’s complexion and general health. The ability of collagen to improve the youthfulness, plumpness, and hydration of your skin is arguably its most well-known benefit. The connecting molecule which gives your skin its hydration and flexibility is collagen. Less collagen indicates you’re more prone to get wrinkles, dry skin problems, and other issues as you age.

A portion of the collagen is found within your arteries, specifically in the blood vessels.  The absence of it increases the risk of cardiac issues and results in thin and fragile arteries. The major cause of heart attack and stroke is atherosclerosis.  For older adults and those who could have joint issues, collagen is also advised.

Joint pain problems or diseases like osteoarthritis are brought on by aging when collagen formation decreases. The primary function of this protein is to sustain your cartilage, which safeguards your joints.

By adding collagen to your diet, you can strengthen your cartilage and improve joint health. Osteoarthritis symptoms fade, as does joint discomfort. Additionally, you can anticipate improved joint support and less inflammation.

Collagen is a prominent ingredient in the beauty and healthcare industries because it can result in lustrous hair, strong nails, and plump, youthful skin. The answer is definitely yes if you incorporate a collagen supplement in your regular routine to keep your hair longer and prevent your nails from becoming brittle.

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7 Plus Reasons To Take A Collagen Supplement

1. Collagen Digests Better

As per various studies, your body tries tirelessly to break down protein from foods like chicken & beef, and some individuals may experience digestive issues like passing gas or pain in the stomach after a meal. However, collagen supplements are usually hydrolyzed, which means the collagen is properly broken down, making it simpler for your body to consume. Using collagen supplements may be a more convenient approach to increasing your protein intake. Collagen peptides may dissolve into the water due to the hydrolyzing process, making it very clear to incorporate them into common dishes (like shakes, smoothies, or just water).

2. Increased Muscular Mass

It is believed that collagen contributes to greater strength and muscle development. Nevertheless, these supplements shouldn’t be used as a replacement for a daily protein that has been created to regulate metabolic processes and blood sugar levels.

Collagen, which makes up about 1 to 10% of the muscular tissue in the human body, keeps muscles robust and functioning as they should. Additionally, collagen supplements may promote the production of muscle proteins like creatine and may aid in muscle growth.

3. Slows Down The Process Of Aging

We all age and appear older; it’s pretty much inevitable. By looking after our skin on the inside as well as the outside, we may age better and look fantastic for our age. The dull appearance of the skin, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, and just a host of other attractive consequences can be brought on by skin aging. Scientific research has shown that peptide collagen can lessen wrinkles, and their depth and improve skin moisture.

4. Fuel Your Body After Exercise

Collagen is a wonderful supplement to support muscle growth and aid in recovery if you frequent the gym or maintain an active lifestyle. After a rigorous training session, many people reported that the delayed onset muscle soreness or otherwise known as DOMS is diminished or completely eliminated. After a workout or for breakfast, blend with a high-quality protein powder to nourish your body for the day.

5. Boosts Heart Health

To improve heart health, some people use collagen supplements. The evidence for this perspective advantage hasn’t yet been proven, though.

Some researchers hypothesized that collagen-based functional food had health benefits for the heart when consistently taken for six months which displayed results like decreased cholesterol and reduction of additional artery-hardening risk factors (atherosclerosis).

6. Moisturises Skin, Fades Scars, And Brightens Skin

Collagen contains amino acids that keep your skin appearing supple, fair, and bright. It is the solution to a complexion that is uneven.

The amino acids within collagen further aid in reducing the visibility of scars caused due to acne and certain dark patches. Collagen supplementation has been shown to encourage the growth of healthy tissues, which accelerate the healing process and allow your skin to heal naturally.

Your skin may feel dry and irritated as a result of environmental conditions or aging-related collagen loss. You may provide your skin with the hydration it requires to keep a sleek, silky, radiant look by reintroducing collagen to it.

7. Bolsters Metabolism And Energy

Collagen contains amino acids that are particularly crucial for sustaining strong metabolisms and healthy muscle mass. These amino acids include glycine, glutamine, and arginine. Collagen also helps to maintain a healthy (CNS) central nervous system, that can promote sustained high levels of energy.

8. Beneficial For Hair As Well

A type of protein known as keratin, which resembles collagen structurally, makes up the majority of hair. Glycine, hydroxyproline, and prolin are the three major non-essential amino acids that make up the majority of collagen molecules. The primary progenitor of keratin is also prolin. Proline-rich diets should theoretically give your body the basic components it needs to produce hair.

However, collagen might still be able to aid in hair development. Antioxidant collagen could protect against free radical damage. In reaction to stress, environmental pollutants, cigarettes, alcohol usage, poor eating habits, and many other causes, free radicals are generated in the body. The body experiences oxidative stress when there are way too many of them, which can cause cell damage to DNA and many chronic illnesses.

9. Enhances Your Gut Health

You should probably think about including collagen in your diet if you are suffering from issues like leaky gut syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Each cell in your gut is supported by collagen, which helps to reduce inflammation and safeguard the walls of your intestines.  Bid farewell to diarrhea, bloating, and constipation.

10. Bye Bye! Stretch Marks

Even though they can be inconvenient, it’s consoling to know that they are completely natural and fairly common. Sadly, there is no effective way to avoid or eliminate stretch marks, which can develop during adolescence, pregnancy, or times of weight increase. However consuming collagen can significantly lessen the visibility of preexisting stretch marks.

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Sources Of Collagen In Nature

Making particular dietary changes will allow you to consume more collagen supplements. Avocados, tomatoes, berries, citrus fruits, and cashews are also healthy. Additionally advantageous to your diet are leafy green vegetables, garlic, red and yellow veggies, some bell peppers, a few beans, and herbs. Adding some of these items to your everyday routine can help your body produce collagen naturally.

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1. Why might collagen builder be useful?

A collagen builder is a plant-based product that has been created specifically to increase collagen production in our bodies naturally without obtaining it from outside sources like animal protein, etc.

2. Is daily collagen consumption harmful?

For healthy people, collagen is typically regarded as a safe and harmless daily supplement with plenty of collagen benefits, and the majority of individuals won’t encounter any negative side effects.

3. How quickly does the Plix Whole Food Collagen Builder start to provide results?

After utilizing Plix’s Collagen supplement for skin for 30 days consistently, you’ll start to observe results, which will get stronger after 90 days. However, for collagen benefits that last, we advise incorporating this collagen supplement into your everyday diet.

4. How can you tell if collagen is effective?

You will normally begin to notice quite a few things following regular collagen intake for a few weeks like hair growth, the skin will feel hydrated and moisturized, improvement in bone- joint and skin wellness, a decrease in fine lines, as well as other potential anti-aging effects.

5. How old do I need to be before I start consuming collagen? What advantages does collagen supplementation provide for the skin?

We advise you to begin taking collagen supplements around your early 20s. It is advised to start taking collagen supplements in your early 20s because the consequences of aging begin during your later 20s or early 30s. Skin collagen supplements offer your skin a lush, youthful appearance and keep it from sagging. By minimizing wrinkles and dryness while also radically enhancing skin flexibility, it may help slow down the aging process of your skin.

6. Does applying collagen to the skin have any effect?

Collagen used topically can hydrate the skin, but that’s about all it can accomplish. It has never been demonstrated that topically applying collagen can promote the synthesis of collagen or growth. Because of their high molecular weights, collagens cannot enter the epidermis of the skin.

7. Can collagen regain the flexibility of skin?

Yeah! Whew. Raising your collagen and hyaluronic acid levels will aid in restoring the skin’s natural elasticity. Long-term effective use will stop further deterioration and promote future healthy skin elasticity.


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