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Plant Protein + BCAA


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    25 G PROTEIN










Plant Protein + BCAA

Strength Sachet









Plant Protein + BCAA

Stronger. Better. Faster.

Protein Level - 25 Grams

25 Grams Complete Plant Protein

This combination of Brown rice & Pea protein is a clean, plant based form of packing in all the 9 essential amino acids that are building blocks of our body, included in this mix are BCAA’s, which aid in overall repair and muscle wear + tear!

5 Gram BCAA

BCAA also known as Branched chain amino acids, which are three essential amino acids found outside of our body, that help support protein synthesis: Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine Protein is extremely important for building overall muscle. These amino acids, mainly leucine, are especially important in helping to support post-workout muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

Antioxidants * 2

Anti-oxidants from grape seed extract and Lycopene(naturally found in tomatoes) are added reduce overall cell damage and boost heart health. They also help in muscle recovery and infuse your body with the ability to fight off excess free radicals.

Natural Digestive Enzymes

In order to ease the breaking down of protein and aid the overall digestion process in the body we’ve combined high grade probiotics, approximately 15 Billion Active CFU’s, this helps in producing and promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

Naturally flavoured with Cocoa

Does all of the above sound too healthy to digest? Well, guess what this mix is extremely tasty too with Cacao imported from Ghana tingling your taste-buds!

4 Grams Glutamine

Glutamineis the most abundant amino acidin the body, and is naturally found in any source of protein – dairy or plant based. It is a building block of protein and is important for many of the body’s functions, like - metabolism of protein, for preventing the breakdown of the muscles in your body.

  • For Men and Women
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • No added Sugar
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Gluten-free and soy free
  • Vegetarian / Herbal Protein

For all those who are focused on strengthening their core through resistance intensive workouts like yoga, Pilates and cross-fit as well building lean muscle through weightlifting and endurance increasing exercises.


Weight lifting is a sure shot way to work on those muscles, whether your goal is strength training or building more lean muscle. Fueling your intensive post workout session with strength gives your body all the 9 essential amino acids (made outside the body) needed to build and repair muscle. Apart from essential amino acids, this mix is rich in antioxidants which help to reduce the inflammation caused by exercise, helping you to recover faster from your training.


Yoga is all about planting your self to the earth, stretching comfortably into an asana and breathing through the pain that comes from pushing yourself to the limit. For all you flexible yogi’s and yogini’s out there, this non-dairy and plant-based mix is sure to get you back on your mat everyday, ready to flow from mountain to cobra pose! Probiotics in this mix help in overall protein absorption and ensure the breakdown of protein is easier with good bacteria working it’s charm!


Cross fit = High intensity, multiple reps of exercises that work on overall body strength and by the end of it leave every inch of your body in gratifying pain! In order to ease the overall muscle recovery and aid in build up, consuming an anti-oxidant and protein rich mix like PLIX is essential.

Rip it
Rip it

We mean the pack of course! The easy tear of seal is bringing you one step closer to ripping it(At your work-out)

Shake it
Shake it

300 ml of ice cold water + 15- 20 Seconds of tossing! We like it shaken, not stirred!

Drink it
Drink it

Sip and consume instantly!


The best tasting plant-based protein available in the Indian market. 25g of Complete Plant Protein along with superfoods for enhanced Recovery. The Antioxidants helps in muscle recovery and the digestive enzymes help breakdown the protein faster. The product tastes great, is travel friendly and also has B12 and B6

As a fitness trainer I am always looking for products which are clean, 100% natural and have fantastic performance. Plix has helped me recover faster and build lean muscle. The product is very light on the stomach and easy to digest. Plix is formulated from plants and hence can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk and vegan.

Due to work I am always on the move and busy with shoots and hence I miss out on the right nutrition. This year I have decided to shift to a healthier lifestyle and stay fit. Plix which is a mix of plant protein, antioxidants and digestive enzymes has help me with my nourishment and is a great mid meal replacement for people on the go.

Konark Sorap
(Fitness Athlete)

(Transformation Specialist)

Megha Bajaj
(Fashion and lifestyle Blogger)

Frequently Asked Questions
Product Details
Why Strength

Plant Protein

This plant protein source is a combination of Brown rice & Pea protein is a clean, plant based form of packing in all the 9 essential amino acids(complete amino acid profile)  including BCAA’s, which act as building blocks for muscle building & Wear + Tear! Our Pea protein, imported from France has a PDCASS score of almost 0.93 which is greater than that of common vegetables with 85% protein content in each serving! We’re definitely pro-protein.

Anti-oxidants x 2

The Greeks and Egyptians believed in the healing power of grapes, grape Seed Extract comes from the seeds of red wine grapes and are high anti-oxidant properties, which accelerate recovery by reducing muscle damage. Grape Seed Extract also aids in improving overall circulation, reducing cholesterol + improving heart health. No wonder a glass of wine a day is meant to be good for your heart? Lycopene is also adding to the scene, bursting with anti-oxidants it helps in reducing cell damage and adds to overall heart health. Lycopene, we really L(y)k you!

Digest This!

In order to ease the breaking down of plant protein powder and to aid the overall digestion process in the body we’ve combined plant based proteolytic enzymes – Papain & Bromalin. Papain  (from Papaya) – yes the same fruit you’ve been eating all your life to add fiber and breakdown food in your gut! And Bromalin(from pineapples) – the fruit that looks cool has been used in Central and South America to treat a variety of digestive issues!

Vegan Protein

This vegan protein is easily digestible and light on the stomach. Pea protein is highly bio available and is quickly assimilated by the body for protein synthesis.

Clean Product

There’s no Whey we’re going to add anything other than a multi-blend of pure plant goodness. What we mean is we’re completely clean – without the added sugar, GMO, Dairy or any of the stuff you can’t understand on labels.

How do I decide on having post workout Strength

The Key Questions to ask yourself are:

Do you have “local fatigue” to specific muscles being exercised?
– Do specific muscles feel swollen and firmer after exercise?
– Are repetitions of muscle movement short in duration?
– If your answer to 2/3 or 3/3 is yes – then Strength all the way!

Right Time to take Strength

Take Strength vegan protein powder within 30-45 minutes post your workout or in-between meals or before bed time

How many times in a day should i take Strength

You can consume strength on the basis of your lifestyle

  • If you live a sedentary lifestyle you can should consume 1 – 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight
  • If you live an active lifestyle you should consume 1.4-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to sustain their fitness goals

Hence you can consume a minimum of one sachet of  Strength , but you can go upto a maximum of three sachets

How do I consume Strength ? Mix it with water or Milk? Should I have a vegan protein smoothie

Vegan Protein Smoothie

Post work Strength is  best consumed with 300 ml of ice cold water or nut milk. You can add organic fruits like banana , berries and nuts and me Strength into healthy vegan protein smoothie

Is Strength a meal replacement?

Consuming Strength shaken with water is not considered a meal replacement, but it is a greatfiller until your next meal. You can mix Strength  with ingredients to turn it into a meal however. It’s great in smoothies or yogurts. You can also add the same powder and bake healthy protein bliss balls or cookies.

Best time to consume Strength

You can consume it anytime but for best results, you should drink Strength within 30-45 minutes of working out, for sustained results.

What is Plix?

PLIX – The Plant Fix is a whole food, plant based solution to all your exercising needs. Our aim is to use completely natural ingredients in the right quantity to produce ready-to-mix blends that provide you with optimum performance. The combination of different plant protein (Pea and brown rice protein) along with superfoods, electrolytes and anti-oxidants helps in delivering the 11 essential amino acids needed by the body, for building and recovery!

Is Plix a complete Plant Protein?

Yes plix is a complete plant protein. A complete protein or whole protein is a food source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet.At plix we mix pea protein and brown rice protein in the right proportions to give the all nine essential amino acids in the right dosage.

What is the difference between plant protein and whey protein?

– High nutrient density v/s Low nutrient density
– Easy to digest v/s Hard to digest
– Low in saturated fat v/s high in saturated fat
– Naturally high in fibre v/s No fibre
– Animal hormone free v/s May contain hormones
– Allergen friendly/Vegan/Lactose free/ herbal protein v/s Contains Dairy

Plant Protein India

Does fitness nutrition really work?

PLIX is here to give you the correct and optimum ingredients to give you the correct nutrients to lock in your workout results. Our board of Bio-technologists and nutritionists used their knowledge of nutritional science to define our formulas. Post formulations, we tested the product with a group of high performance athletes and individuals who regularly exercise and found it was aiding in their overall muscle building and recovery

Plant Protein India

Recommendations to store my packet

PLIX is designed for your convenience. Our single serving, individual can be carried with you on-the-go so you can throw a few in your gym bag, and keep the rest at home until you need more of your plant fix

Is Plix an organic protein

Organic Protein

Plix is made from natural ingredients which are sourced from plants. Plix is not an organic protein

Is Plix a herbal Protein

Herbal Protein

Plix is sourced from herbal/ Plant Based sources. We add superfoods to our protein to give you maximum performance. Plix is a herbal protein.

Is Plix an International Brand

Plant Protein India

Plix plant protein uses international ingredients from across different countries but creates the protein in India.

Buy plant protein in India

We believe in sourcing international ingredients but enabling people to buy plant protein in India

Buy plant protein

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