What is Plix?

PLIX – The Plant Fix is a whole food, plant based solution to all your exercising needs. Our aim is to use completely natural ingredients in the right quantity to produce ready-to-mix blends that provide you with optimum performance. The combination of different plant protein (Pea and brown rice protein) along with superfoods, electrolytes and anti-oxidants helps in delivering the 11 essential amino acids needed by the body, for building and recovery!

Is Plix a complete Plant Protein?

Yes plix is a complete plant protein. A complete protein or whole protein is a food source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet.At plix we mix pea protein and brown rice protein in the right proportions to give the all nine essential amino acids in the right dosage.

What is the difference between plant protein and whey protein?

– High nutrient density v/s Low nutrient density
– Easy to digest v/s Hard to digest
– Low in saturated fat v/s high in saturated fat
– Naturally high in fibre v/s No fibre
– Animal hormone free v/s May contain hormones
– Allergen friendly/Vegan/Lactose free v/s Contains Dairy

What is the difference between Strength and Cardio?

You want to pick the formula that more closely corresponds to the majority of your workout. The key distinctions are:

Cardio: workouts that require increased heart rate for an extended period of time, in an attempt to improve body’s aerobic capacity.
Examples: running, cycling, swimming, quick circuit training, rowing, boxing, high-intensity interval training.
Strength: workouts that involve applying short bursts of resistance or force to your muscles.
Examples: weight training, bodyweight training, pilates, yoga, barre, resistance training, TRX.

How do I decide whether to have Post Workout Strength or Cardio?

The Key Questions to ask yourself are:
– Is your heart rate / breathing rate elevated continuously during your exercise session for greater than 15 minutes?
– Are the goals of your workout to lengthen continuous exercise time (aka to increase your endurance or stamina)?
– Is whole body involved in the majority of exercise, not just a targeted muscle group?

If your answer to 2/3 or 3/3 is yes – then Cardio is your way to #Plixit. Otherwise ask yourself the following questions:
– Do you have “local fatigue” to specific muscles being exercised?
– Do specific muscles feel swollen and firmer after exercise?
– Are repetitions of muscle movement short in duration?
– If your answer to 2/3 or 3/3 is yes – then Strength all the way!

What is Energy?

Energy is a formula you take before/during your workout. It gives you an immense amount of all natural, sustained energy – without jitters or post-workout crash. The anti-oxidants and caffeine provide increased endurance and protect against inflammation.

How do I drink Plix? Mix it with water or Milk? Should I have a smoothie

Post work Strenght and Cardio are best consumed with 300 ml of ice cold water or nut milk. You can add fruits like banana , berries and nuts and me plix into healthy breakfast smoothie

Plix Lifestyle

Who should drink Plix

PLIX is for all those who are living active lifestyles i.e it includes light-medium exercise. If you are looking to get active as well, PLIX can help in building muscle and holistically feeling good

Is Plix a meal replacement?

Drinking PLIX shaken with water is not considered a meal replacement, but it is a greatfiller until your next meal. You can mix PLIX with ingredients to turn it into a meal however. It’s great in smoothies or yogurts. You can also add the same powder and bake healthy protein bliss balls or cookies.

Best time to drink Plix?

You can consume it anytime butfor best results, you should drink the Energy 30 minutes prior or during your workout and Strength/Cardio within 30-45 minutes of working out, for sustained results.

Does fitness nutrition really work?

PLIX is here to give you the correct and optimum ingredients to give you the correct nutrients to lock in your workout results. Our board of Bio-technologists and nutritionists used their knowledge of nutritional science to define our formulas. Post formulations, we tested the product with a group of high performance athletes and individuals who regularly exercise and found it was aiding in their overall muscle building and recovery

Recommendations to store my packet

PLIX is designed for your convenience. Our single serving, individual can be carried with you on-the-go so you can throw a few in your gym bag, and keep the rest at home until you need more of your plant fix!


Where do you source the ingredients from

Our ingredients are derived from natural, whole foods. We source them from trusted suppliers all over the world. All are thoroughly tested before they are mixed collectively in India.

How are Plix’s products different from what I take now

PLIX is made of clean, natural, plant-based ingredients in doses of specific ratios. We found there is no need to add anything artificial, when nature has so much to offer! Customize your PLIXPerformance to maximize your specific workouts and goals

Are they vegan friendly?

Yes – all our formulations are made with 100% plant protein.

Any Artificial colours ,flavours or dyes used?

None at all. We are absolutely 100% Clean

Are they Non Gmo?

Yes they are.

What if I am diabetic?

These products are diabetic friendly, but just to be sure you read the ingredient labels, and always keep your doctor in the loop of everything you are taking.

What is the shelf life?

Expiration date can be found on the packaging, but generally products last for 18 months from production

Where does the sweetness come from ,if there is no added sugar?

To sweeten our post workouts we combine a high grade of stevia with a pinch of fruit sugar(fructose) . This combination makes the sweetness of this product very similar to real sugar .

Why is there lycopene and grape seed extract added to the product?

Lycopene and grape seed extracts are both natural sources of anti-oxidants and aid in
• Improving overall circulation, and reducing cholesterol therefore improving also heart health.
• This unique combination of grape seed extract and lycopene protects the body against excessive free radicals and improve the overall immune system.

Why are there digestive enzymes?

In order to ease the breaking down of protein and to aid the overall digestion process in the body we’ve combined plant based Proteolytic enzymes – Papain (from Papaya) – yes the same fruit you’ve been eating all your life to add fiber and breakdown food in your gut! And Bromalin(from pineapples) – the fruit that looks cool has been used in Central and South America to treat a variety of digestive issues!

How does Plix focus on naturally flavoring its Post workout powders?

We use real cocoa powder imported from Ghana and Freeze dried coconut powder to produce 2 delicious flavours – Chocolate and Coconut Chocolate. With such great taste, we’re sure you’re going to slay your workout game!

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